When confusion’s my companion, and despair holds me for ransom
I will feel no fear. I know that You are near
When caught deep in the valley, with chaos for my company
I find my comfort here, cause I know that You are near
-for King and Country

There really are such things as angels.
Not the flying kind. Or the ones in white.
But there really are angels because I’ve seen them! And I’ve got 2 special angels in my life right now. I need to tell you all about them.

I’ve got my doctor-angel. I never knew he’d be an angel. I only thought he’d be a doctor. But his approach to life, and his amazing strength through troubled times is one that amazes me. He’s the doctor that’s making sure I’m having positive thoughts and a positive approach to life. Sometimes I think he’s just too optimistic! Or that he has too much faith.

But the last time I talked with him, he shared personal experiences about his own life that really encourages me. And even though I know I’m not in the best of situations right now, I know I’m nowhere nobody has been before. The only thing that makes it all different it how I deal with it. And I’m getting there. At least I’m keeping up with the meds!

Now there’s this other angel. I can’t tell you who he is, but one thing he said keeps ringing in my mind. ‘If I could walk a thousand miles to make sure everything was well with you, I would do it.’

There aren’t many angels left in this world. But this is an angel that prays for me, even when I can’t pray for myself. One that believes that everything will be well, even when all my faith is broken, and one that tells me one day, I’ll be free of this disease.

He’s my personal angel, who’s helping me to cope with the various adjustments I’ve had to make to life.

I never believed in angels. Or maybe I did, but never knew they existed. But now that I have them in my life, they have have hammered it all home. Now I know and believe that;

You mend what once was shattered, and you turn my tears to laughter
Your forgiveness is my fortress, and your mercy is relentless!
(-for King and Country)

Thank God for Angels!

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