The silence is deafening, louder than noise

I look at you, you look away
I take a sigh, ‘Alright’ you say

Funny how emotions seem to be rolling
Funny how always, it seems to be me

Am I the devil’s incarnate, or rather  his advocate?
Perhaps I am both. Perhaps we are both.

What can I do, to set things right?
What have I done, to want things right?

‘Nought’ you says. ‘Ouch’ I say.

Perhaps you need some time, perhaps you need some space.

Funny how always, you need to withdraw.
Funny how always, it has to be you.
Funny how no one, knows you’ve withdrawn.

Perhaps you don’t need space, perhaps you need some grace!

You don’t have to work on you; you don’t need to be like this.

Perhaps you don’t need something
Perhaps, you don’t need ME.

*Letters from the heart*

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