And at Sunset, when the bells are clanging, and the clocks are chiming, I look up to the hills and I can only but say: I loved, and I lost, my faith.

I loved with my heart. Hard and wild. I took it all for granted:
My life, my friendships and my faith.

I loved and I lost.
I loved at first sight. Genuinely and passionately. I never saw it coming:
Depression, broken strings and a broken faith.

I loved, have I lost?
I had it all planned: My life and my family. A wife and 3 kids.
A top job, a good salary.
I loved, have I lost?

I loved too much. Trusted too hard. And now the walls are breaking, in fact, the tables turning.
No connection to my maker. No desire to believe. I believed, I connected.
I loved, I lost connection.

I tried and I failed. I tried, have I failed?
I’m trying not to fail. Oh God, grant me mercy!

Confused. Appalled. Unsure of where to head.
Pushed too fast, headed too far, disappointed myself and now I’m all alone.

I loved, have I lost? I tried have I failed?

And at the close of time, when the dew has fallen, and ashes arise, I see mercy flowing and can only wonder: I loved, I lost, have I obtained mercy?

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GQ · February 9, 2020 at 12:44 am

Lovely post. Keep doing the great work.

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